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We offer a range of bespoke collections services, starting with white-labelled early arrears management through to traditional collections and ultimately litigation. Our unique administration service can also save time in handling repayments from Debt Management Agencies.


We offer contingent debt collection services unique to the industry. We invest in bespoke collections technologies to make sure we have the most advanced collection systems and strategies in the marketplace.

A modern day approach to recoveries.

Traditional debt collection agencies tend to use a ‘dialer’ and ‘letter’ approach. This method is outdated with today’s consumer.
Consumers want to deal with their finances in a way that is convenient for them. Not restricted to ‘office opening hours’ and a pen and paper response.
Our collections service uses a modern day approach to get market leading results from a commercial, customer experience and compliance standpoint.
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White Label

Early arrears and white label solution to rehabilitate and recover your customers arrears or manage your live accounts. All communications go out in your name, with your branding and CSA accredited agents answering inbound contacts as you.

When two become one.

Particularly useful when you’re looking to increase capacity of or replace your internal collections team.
A seamless experience for the customer as we replicate your brand and process guidelines.
All whilst taking advantage of our tried and tested contact technology, strategies, policies and procedures.
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An innovative solution to manage the resource hungry process of administering Customer accounts that are subject to Debt Management Plans.

Pointing everyone in the right direction.

Processing Debt Management Accounts (those flagged with a 3rd party such as StepChange, Payplan or Christians Against Poverty) can be hard work for a creditor.
Individual account requests can stretch your processes to the point where black holes appear to the detriment of you and the customer.
We can take the pain away by providing you with payments and update files in easily readable formats and following through with communication activity if things go wrong.
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Our expert team of legal professionals will manage your case through to completion with the aim of a quick resolution for all parties.

When litigation is the right option to take.

The process of managing the issuance of LBCs (letters before claim) , Claims, judgements and enforcement can be complex and potentially costly to manage internally.
Our commercially viable solution has returned positive results for clients.
AJJB law - an SRA authorised firm- has experience in debt recovery litigation across a broad range of industries.
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