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Make sure technology is not passing you by when it comes to collections.

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Technology Driven

We’re a technology driven agency with the most advanced collections systems and methodologies in the industry.

Convenient Timings

Our technology helps our client’s customers make payments at times convenient to them, accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Increased ROI

Our clients have enjoyed a huge increase in ROI through customer satisfaction and our strategic approach to the customer journey.

In a Nutshell

Although our foundations are rooted in the traditional collections model, we’ve moved with the times to embrace technology and the quickly moving landscape of the digital world. We recognised that customers want to deal with their finances in a way and time that suits them and doesn’t restrict them to ‘office opening hours’.

So, we:

  • Incorporated collections methods that reflect trends.
  • Increased contact methods.
  • Created automated and contact free customer management portals.
  • Created solutions for segmenting and dealing with the ‘won’t pays’ from the ‘can’t pays’.
  • Improved customer journey.
  • Increased the ROI on our clients debt book versus our competition.


Using the modern-day Smartphone as a collections tool. Are you Smartphone ready? Take a look at some of the methods we use.

Diverse Communication

We have a diverse contact centre offering a number of different communication channels as well as a variety of payment options, both online and over the phone.

MYCRS Portal allows customers to manage their account online at a time convenient for them. Customers are able to clear their account, set up payment arrangements, fill out I&E’s and access a number of other features.