Inform, Engage and celebrate: The all new coeo blog

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Welcome to our brand-new coeo blog!

We‘ve been working diligently over the past few months to put together a resource to help our digital visitors benefit from the collective industry experience and expertise we enjoy here at coeo.

We’re keeping it simple; our blog will look to achieve three basic goals:

  1. To inform

  2. To engage

  3. To celebrate

Interested? Let us explain:

1. To inform

Within the coeo family we have over 150 years collective industry knowledge and our business ethos: ‘to treat people correctly’ means we are encouraged to share this knowledge with you; our digital community.

We will be contributing to the wider conversation by creating content covering an extensive range of subjects concerning the collections industry.

We’ll offer tips, insight and answers to many of the questions that continuously create barriers to success for collections departments throughout the nation.

2. To engage

It’s not just about sharing our knowledge, it’s also about what’s going on in the wider ‘collections’ community. So, we’ll look to share and make comment on the latest comings and goings in the industry including: what’s new, what’s coming up and of course what’s hot right now.

We’ll also undertake primary and secondary research and use the blog to disseminate our findings, helping us to engage directly with you, our audience, by creating content you’ve asked for.

This content will range from researching the ever-evolving needs and motivations of debt customers, to the latest collections technology on the market and everything else in between.

3. To celebrate

At coeo we know our people are our biggest asset and as such we’ll also be highlighting their successes via this platform.

Whether a member of staff has been awarded an internal promotion or award, or if they have been identified for an external achievement, the coeo blog will give us a great ‘shareable’ digital platform to celebrate all our employee’s triumphs. Because our people are our business.

Final words

Like the sound of our latest digital addition?

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