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With years of telecommunications experience and a full suite of compliant end-to-end services, coeo can help with any stage of the collections cycle, whether lost or live accounts, we’ll do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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Lower Cost

We receive more than one payment for every minute of the day, thats 60 payments an hour, 1440 a day and 525,600+ a year. Operating at this increased capacity means we can offer lower rates with automated processes to make your life easier.


Different clients segment their cases in different ways. We can recover ‘Active’ accounts for a shorter period if needed and ‘Closed’ cases can have a longer collections strategy before being assessed for Legal suitability. All of our processes are adaptable to what your customers need.


We are proud to be able to say that a number of our collections agents have worked for coeo for over 10 years. Throughout this journey with us, they have collected a vast bank of knowledge about the telecommunications industry and are subsequently expert objection handlers and problem solvers.

Superior Systems Are Our Superpower

We’ve developed the smartest, most advanced telecommunications collection systems and strategies in the marketplace. We are always innovating to ensure that we stay one step ahead. Our services have been designed to seamlessly fit within any collection’s strategy. We work together to make sure you have the solution to fit your needs.

  • We can Integrate seamlessly between your systems and ours.
  • Systems access – we can work directly on your system to set up DD’s and pull off bills.
  • Hotkeys to internal teams allowing for better complaint management.

Our Processes

When it comes to Telco there is a different process needed for both lost and live customers as a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. That’s why we offer a wide range of processes tailored specifically for each account be it live or lost. We have made thousands of bespoke processes tailored to specific types of accounts like the following:

  • Arrears Management
  • Collection of low balance accounts
  • DD Rehabilitation
  • Occupier Accounts
  • Change of Tenancy
  • Change of Supply

Our Experience Is Our Expertise

From our accredited front-line agents through to our well-practised management team, our business has the knowledge to effectively look after you and your customers. Our people work to discuss accounts and not debt, with experience in:

  • Broadband & Telco combination
  • Billing disputes
  • Direct Debit rehabilitations and calculations
  • Managing vulnerable customers
  • And so much more…

Comparing Industry Timelines

Understanding whether or not your collections processes are being maximised can feel like a minefield. That’s why we reviewed over 2 million live accounts to develop industry-specific timelines for you to compare your own processes against.
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