Our latest event: Elevating Collections In 2023

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We’re delighted to announce on Thursday March 2nd we’re returning to The Met Hotel (Leeds), for our latest and greatest industry insider event to date; ‘Elevating Collections In 2023’.

What is the new Consumer Duty regime and how will it work?​

What is the new Consumer Duty regime and how will it work?​

Like many in our industry, the back end of 2022 saw a focus towards the implementation of FCA’s Consumer Duty regime.
For us to best meet the significant changes introduced by the new regime, for both our clients and their customers, we have been proactive in preparing a plan, had it signed off by the board and started the implementation last year.

In conversation with COEO: The present and the future of collections as a service

The Covid 19 pandemic and the current cost of living crisis has changed and is changing the way the world works. The speed of digital adoption is accelerating at unprecedented levels, not just with customers but with clients too. Expectations have risen and so has the scope of services provided by debt collections agencies.

In conversation with COEO: Collections regulations, now and tomorrow​

In conversation with COEO: Collections regulations, now and tomorrow

Obviously, regulation is extremely important for our industry so, in this blog we’ll share what industry feedback is telling us, where we’re at, and where the regulators might turn their focus next. Working across several different sectors (and a few different regulators), the wording might be slightly different, but the theme is always the same; ‘look after the customer’.

We’re Rebranding!

For those of you who don’t already know, we’re thrilled to announce that we are rebranding to coeo! With CRS joining the coeo group late last year, this change in branding was the logical move.

BNPL market leader coeo targets rapid expansion in 2022

It’ll come as no surprise that the implementation of technology into the collections industry is no longer a nice to have but a necessity. Find out more about how customer portals can help you through our blog post on the topic here.